ETSI Announces the 1st Release of SDG OpenCAPIF

July 09, 2024

ETSI is excited to announce OpenCAPIF Release 1 is now available in the ETSI Labs!

OpenCAPIF develops a Common API Framework as defined by 3GPP and this new version introduces several improvements and new features to deliver a more robust, secure, and efficient API Management Platform. These advancements are developed in tight collaboration and incorporating feedback from a growing Research Ecosystem including SNS projects such as 6G-SANDBOX, FIDAL, IMAGINEB5G, SAFE6G, ORIGAMI, ENVELOPE and SUNRISE6G.

OpenCAPIF 1.0.0 brings significant enhancements to user management. Security has been improved by ensuring key services only communicate through secure channels. Users can now take on multiple roles (Invokers and/or Providers), making the system more versatile, and a new administrator role helps manage user registrations and administration tasks. Additionally, user tracking has also been improved.

The new system architecture improves overall security by operating key components in separate namespaces. Event notifications now include more detailed information about events, and new notifications have been introduced for various events, such as API availability, API updates and API invocation results.

Automated testing and deployment have been streamlined with CI/CD integration in the ETSI Labs, ensuring smoother updates. The support for deploying in cloud environments has been improved making the system more reliable and scalable. OpenCAPIF documentation has been thoroughly updated, including new test plans and video guides to assist users.

Overall, this release brings the resolution of a number of technical issues to improve the system’s overall performance, and additional security measures to protect database access. Finally the codebase has been reorganized to include code quality enhancements and a production-ready server software has been adopted for all micro services to guarantee optimal performance.

How to Use OpenCAPIF Version 1.0.0

To deploy and test OpenCAPIF 1.0.0, clone our public repository, switch to the 1.0.0 tag, or download the compressed file here.

After obtaining the code, refer to the “How To Run” section in the documentation and the “Testing” section for instructions on using Postman or Robot Framework.

To Learn More

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