Exploring OpenCAPIF Release 1

July 03, 2024

Our latest release, OpenCAPIF 1.0.0, is now available in the ETSI Labs!

Building upon the technical specifications of the 3GPP Common API Framework release 17 (TS 23.222, TS 29.222, TS 33.122) and the YAML templates available in 3GPP Forge, OpenCAPIF Version 1.0.0 introduces significant enhancements and new features aimed at providing a more robust, secure, and efficient API management platform. Let’s delve into the exciting new features and improvements of OpenCAPIF 1.0.0!

New Features and Improvements

Improved Registration Flow

  • Security and Isolation: Enhanced security by isolating CCF and Register services, interacting only via HTTPS.
  • Flexible User Roles: Users can now be both invokers and providers simultaneously.
  • Administrator User: New role for managing user registration and administration.
  • UUID Identification: Each user is now associated with a UUID for better tracking and management.
  • Endpoint Updates: Simplified and enhanced endpoints for user creation, deletion, and authentication.
  • Enhanced Security: Basic authentication for admin and user credentials, and secure token management.

New OpenCAPIF Architecture

  • Separated Namespaces: Vault, CCF, and Register components now operate in separate namespaces, enhancing security.
  • Helper Service: Simplifies integration with third-party management portals through new helper endpoints.
  • Helper Security: Access requires a superadmin certificate and password.

Events API Upgrade

  • Enhanced Event Management: Improved notifications with detailed event information.
  • Updated and New Events: Added events for service API availability, updates, and invocation results.
  • Comprehensive Testing: New tests to verify the implementation of event notifications.

Initial Implementation of CI/CD

  • CI/CD on GitLab: Setup with detailed CI and CD processes for automated testing, security checks, and deployment.
  • ETSI HIVE Labs Integration: Kubernetes cluster support for OCF deployments, enhancing reliability and scalability.

Documentation Improvements

  • Enhanced Documentation: Updated and stored in the OCF Documentation Repository with automatic generation for new releases.
  • Detailed Test Plans: Includes new registration flow and event tests with comprehensive documentation and video demonstrations.

Technical Debt Solved

  • Improved Testing: Enhanced support for new registration flows and notification tests using Robot Framework.
  • Enhanced DB Security: Credentials required for accessing MongoDB databases.
  • Upgraded Scripts: Improved scripts for service management and testing.
  • Codebase Improvements: Repository reorganization, code quality enhancements, and removal of obsolete data.

Migration to GUNICORN

  • Production-Ready Servers: Transition from Flask developer server to GUNICORN for all microservices, ensuring a more stable production environment.

How to Run OpenCAPIF Version 1.0.0 To deploy and test OpenCAPIF 1.0.0, clone our public repository, switch to the 1.0.0 tag, or download the compressed file here.

After obtaining the code, refer to the “How To Run” section in the documentation and the “Testing” section for instructions on using Postman or Robot Framework.

Learn More! For further information, please consult the following links: *3GPP Forge Repository for the Common API Framework *OpenCAPIF Code Repository *OpenCAPIF Documentation *OpenCAPIF New Register Flow Demonstration